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all things Lightroom... Preferences, Articles, Document and Presets
all things Photoshop... Preferences, Articles, Document and Actions
all aspects of the Digital Image Workflow... including Digital Photography and Computing
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Note: Some referenced links are only available to Studio Forum Members
The last forum brought up a topics ranging from Camera Auto focus to Photoshop CS4 Upgrade and much much more. Below is a synopsis of some of those topics.

Photoshop CS4 :
print routine - previewing soft proof and rendering intent
o print through CS4
ACR now has localized adjustments and output sharpen settings
o where does output sharpening resides?
new print dialog box = instant "soft peak"
tab documents:
o and adjustment layers
o view tab video documents by David Cross?
Content aware scaling:
o Ken's wineglass
o selected content aware scaling?

Lightroom 2
creative process sharpening in light room?
o Three types of sharpening capture/process/output
LR versus bridge reason 127 -- multiple volumes
Posted LR Videos page
Importing options for naming - numbering adding text, etc.

one-button photo backup elixirs? Retrospect Duplicate
o Master volume attached to PC; Black Box for backup drives
Monitors Calibration Notes (click here)
o this document contains lighting conditions, monitor terms, calibration settings etc. that you will find helpful when calibrating your monitor

ETTR Andrew Rodney's white paper (click here)
- o "eTTR" -- extend to the right... how do we optimize our raw exposure when capturing images with our digital camera? Andrew discusses it in great detail.

v  Photoshop CS3 & CS4

Ø  Explore CS4 interface and saving “our” workspace

Ø  Using “Masks” Palette and “Edge” refinements… revisited

Ø  Setting preferences and workspace

Ø  File Info

Ø  Content aware Scaling

Ø  Creative Marque tool for perspective

Ø  Soft-Proofing - Vibrance + K3 inks = In Gamut?

v  Lightroom

Ø  Exporting LR Catalog: for transferring specified catalog files

Ø  Lightroom’s default Preferences

Ø  LR “Export” Workflow

Ø  LR Detail panel Sharpening

Ø  Create LR HDR “grunge-look” preset

Ø  Creating Posters in LR


Ø  Smart Object… do What!!!

Ø  Keywording – why “Crtl+K”

Ø  Detail panel Sharpening Revisited

Ø  LR Adjustment Brush Tips and Tricks

Ø  Keywording – Creating Lists, Synonyms and why “Hierarchy”

Ø  LR Develop & Print module tips

Ø  More Localized Adjustment Brush: Controls & Speed Issues

Ø  Using Auto Sync
Ø  3 types of Sharpen; Where in Lightroom

v  General

Ø  Discussion of Forum emails from last session

Ø  Quick RE-review of SF Photo File System hardware configuration and performance.

Ø  Quick review of SF Photo File System hardware configuration and performance.

Ø  Photoshop World attending members list of techniques and insights.

Ø  Monitors: selecting the right one

Ø  Create a Custom Camera Profile demo

Last Updated: 2/17/12

Studio Forum... Videos
Note: Some referenced links are only available to Studio Forum Members
Thes links are to videos, or site with videos, of topics Discussed at our Studio Forum. Where possible I will put the date the video was shown. If you find a broken link please let me know. Thanks.
Video Topic Author Forum Date
CS4 Tab Documents: Navigating anew David Cross SF_12/02/09
Biggest, Tallest Tree Photo Ever Photographed National Geographic SF_10/07/09
CS4 & CS3: Quick Selection: The "new" Magic Wand! Russel Brown SF_05/27/09
Caption-On-Line-Info - Seth's Unique Approach Seth Resnick SF_06/24/09
Keywords-Hierarchy - Power Use of LR's Catalogin Power Seth Resnick SF_06/24/09
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