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Dateline: Medford, MA - Monday 11/1/08... Topics Discussed Studio Forum Session - October 15th
The last forum brought up a topics ranging from Camera Auto focus to Photoshop CS4 Upgrade and much much more. Below is a synopsis of some of those topics.

Photoshop CS4 Upgrade:
We reviewed several videos showing some of PS CS4 features. We agreed the most impressive feature was the "Live Brush" tool used when cloning.
> Here is a link to more PS CS4 tutorials... click here.

The Future of PS CS3 and Future ACR Updates
One or the more alarming things for PSCS3 users is that future Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) upgrades will not be supported by PSCS3. As new cameras are introduced, new versions of ACR will be released but not for PSCS3. What does this mean? If you buy a new camera you will have to upgrade to PSCS4 to process your new camera's Raw files!. Kind or questionable ethics here? If you think you can live without the PSCS4 niceties - maybe you can't!
Anatomy of an Images
This was the 1st session of what surely will be a staple of each Studio Forum. This is where a Forum brings in a imaged and shows the LR and PS techniques used to process the final image. The intent is to spark discussion and a sharing of techniques... It couldn't have been more of a success. Frank showed 2 images demonstrating creative uses of LR's white balance, selective color adjustments, the Gradient filter, the dust/clone tool and localized sharpening techniques. As expected there was quite a sharing. The proceedings were stopped several times as Ken needed to write down some of the Wow! keystrokes . So here is a partial list I affectionately call:
Ken's Keys (a.k.a. V-8 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcut)

- Library Module:
> "Alt"+"Export" = Export Catalog
- Develop Module: Adjustment Brush:
> "O" toggles "Quick Mask" on and off
> "Shift"+ "O" changes color of "quick Mask"
> "H" Hides "pins"
- Develop Module: Crop "R"
> "O" toggles thru different compositional aid lines
> "H" compositional aid lines (Note: be careful of the "H" - you could hide and never find again!
- General:
> "Ctrl" + "/" displays Shortcut keys (Module dependant)
> With using Color Sampler, holding "Ctrl" and dragging the picker over your image, click on any area of the photo to set your color.

Camera Auto-Focus
Recently I did some training for a person whose daughter performs in horse shows. She had problems with sharp images. After the obvious discussion of long focal length lenses and slow shutter speed it was time to talk about her Nikon D3 auto focus system settings. In preparation, I watched videos and talked with John Crooks on the ins & outs of the D3 auto focus system. Although most AF systems are not as complex as the D3, it did make me wonder how my Olympus AF worked and what was the best mode… AF-Single or AF-Continuous? This sparked some interesting discussion about various manufacturers' options and how we used those choices. There was no consensus! However, it seems the AF mode of choice depended on the shooting situation. Generally there was some agreement that Auto-focus Continuous benefits wild life and street shooting while Auto-focus Single worked well for scenics
Creating Custom Camera Profiles
The MacBeth 24 Patch ColorChecker was available for shooting. We will use this test chart to easily create a color camera profile using Adobe's new DNG Profile Editor. This unique camera profile (available from the Camera Calibration: Profile pull down box) can be applied automatically to your Camera Raw files when opened with Lightroom or Bridge.
Note: At the next forum we will discuss how to make these camera profiles part of you default setting so they will be installed automatically when importing you camera raw files from your camera card.

Importing Blank Captions
When I import files from Olympus cameras, my EXIF caption is populated with "Olympus America Corporation"…Thank you Olympus! When importing in LR with the IPTC Caption box checked and no caption entered, the annoying "Olympus America Corporation" IS REMOVED from the EXIF caption field. Thanks Frank.
Lightroom Links - Addressing Performance:
- Speed issues using Adjustment Brush ... click here.
- General Lock-up ... click here.
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