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On this page you'll find all things Photoshop discussed and/or presented at the Studio Forum
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Photoshop Production
Adobe Preferences Settings: Benefit from the experience of the Studio Forum members with a consolidation of their knowledge for recommended Photoshop, Camera Raw and the Bridge settings.
2005-06 Season
PDF document about ingesting both Camera RAW and JPEG files to your PC... tips for renaming, editing, ranking & backup
Jack Davis' notes on "Extending the Dynamic Range" - getting more shadow & highlight detail in your photo
Luminous Landscape article which detailed CS2's HDR 32 bit file allowing greater detail w/Bob D's Highlights
My Panorama Workflow.
2005-06 Season
Adobe Bridge
Adobe CS2 Manual: Chapter 4: The Bridge w/Bob D's Highlights
Last Updated: 10/20/09 ">10/20/09

Photoshop Actions:
Needed for Bob D's PS Actions to work more efficiently
Contains JUST Optimum Print Resolution Test
Studio Forum Actions from 2006-07 Session
Color to B&W maintaining color information
Two "nondestructive" Dodge & Burn Techniques using a "gray-filled" layer in a "Soft Light" or Overlay" blend mode
"Bevel Matte" Action creates Matte and Framing Aid
Create Soft Glow & Fog photo effect
Change Red Eye (or whatever) to any color!
Sharpening with "Hi-Pass" filter
Overlay transparent embossed text
[put a copyright watermark or / your name on every photo!]
ALL Studio Forum PS Actions
NOTE: When Downloading PS Actions you may have to Rename extension to ".atn" before opening in Photoshop
Other Downloads:
Other Files
A color control file used to evaluate digital color prints [sRGB]
A color control file with gray scales used to evaluate digital color prints.
A B&W control file used to evaluate digital B&W prints.
Last Updated: 10/20/09