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Last Updated: 2/25/10

Web Video to Assist in Your Lightroom Learning
Click here to download this document with Bob's overviews of these videos... Download
Bob D’s: Lightroom 2 Workflow [Advanced]Lightroom & PhotoDB Considerations and Conventions
Lightroom 2.0 Basics (Matt Kloskowski NAPP)                total time 1:50:58
·  Basics - 01 Overview of importing *                     9 minutes 26 seconds
·  Basics - 02 Overview of the Library module *      6 minutes 24 seconds
·  Basics - 03 Rate and review your images *            7 minutes 08 seconds
·  Basics - 04 Filter or find images *                          4 minutes 31 seconds
·  Basics - 05 Collections and keywords * 
               8 minutes 03 seconds
·  Basics - 06 Overview of the Develop module *    4 minutes 16 seconds
Basics - 07 Tonal and color corrections *               9 minutes 09 seconds
·  Basics - 08 Special effects                                      5 minutes 55 seconds
·  Basics - 09 Local corrections *                               11 minutes 21 seconds
·  Basics - 11 Working with Photoshop                     7 minutes 36 seconds
·  Basics - 10 Overview of exporting *                      4 minutes 24 seconds

·  Basics - 12 Overview of output modules               7 minutes 03 seconds
·  Basics - 13 Slideshow module                               7 minutes 41 seconds
·  Basics - 14 Print module                                        9 minutes 21 seconds
·  Basics - 15 Web module                                         8 minutes 40 seconds      

60 second Sharpening Videos: the “Detail” panel (Matt Kloskowski NAPP)
- General Sharpening: Overview of LR Sharpening                             60 seconds
- Amount: Control the AMOUNT of sharpening                                 60 seconds
- Radius: Determine the sharpening RADIUS                                     60 seconds
- Detail: Determine how LR applies DETAIL edge sharpening          60 seconds
- Masking: Hide sharpening from certain areas of a photo                   60 seconds

Printing from Lightroom 2.0 (Chris Orwig)
·  The Template Browser                   2 minutes 07 seconds
·  Customizing templates                   3 minutes 22 seconds
·  Guides and Overlay panels            2 minutes 43 seconds
·  Picture Packages                             2 minutes 07 seconds
·  The Print Job panel                         4 minutes 48 seconds 

Other Videos to Review:
X-rite's ColorChecker Passport (Joe Brady)
·  How to create custom camera profiles in Lightroom                   5 minutes 52 seconds

Learning Lightroom 3.0 Learn the basics of Lightroom 3 with Getting Started tutorials by product experts
Lightroom 3 3 Basics      {multiple-videos}

What's new in Lightroom 2.0
(Julieanne Kost) more advanced info using her approach
What's New in the Library module          26 minutes 23 seconds
What's New in the Develop module         
22 minutes 28 seconds
What's New in the Output modules           22 minutes 07 seconds

The Luminous Landscape Guide to Lightroom 2 (Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe)
·  The Luminous Landscape Guide to Adobe Lightroom 2  [Link to purchase] 7½ hours

Last Updated: 2/25/10

Lightroom The Lightroom Workflowdownload [ALL]
Bob D’s: Lightroom 2 General Workflow [PRIMER]
Overview of Lightroom workflow: Import; Backing up Catalog and system considerations... Read More
Bob D’s: Lightroom 2 Workflow #1 [Basic]
Everybody's workflow is different… I share mine for discussion and exchange of ideas. Following this workflow are some Considerations & Conventions when setting up a Photo Database & Lightroom catalogs... Read More
Bob D’s: Lightroom 2 Workflow [Advanced]Lightroom & PhotoDB Considerations and Conventions
WHAT SEEMS OBVIOUS NOW WILL CHANGE as your photo-database experience and understanding evolve. Let me comfort you with this, you will have the power of LR to support your evolution. This ADVANCED information is laid out here for you to make informed decisions when considering your personal workflow.
- Optimum system configurations when using Lightroom;
- Moving your Lightroom Catalog to Photo database to Optimum Locations;
- Considerations for Backing up your Photo database;
- File Management software considerations for maintaining your Photo Database;
- Advanced Conventions and Considerations when working with Lightroom. Read More
Last Updated: 2/25/10

Lightroom Keywording & Catalogingdownload [ALL]
Keywording - Primer [Cataloging]
An General Overview of Cataloging. Concepts and tips for entering Keyword, Captioning and other metadata inside Lightroom. ...Read More
Keywording - Personal Cataloging
Keywording, Captioning and much more... Understanding Lightroom's powerful tools for creating and maintaining a "Controlled Vocabulary" Photo Database... Read More
Last Updated: 2/25/10

Lightroom A Sharpening Workflowdownload [ALL]
Bob D’s: "A Lightroom “Sharpening” Workflow (Global “Process” Sharpening) [LR2]

Intent is to take advantage of detail in file while minimizing artifacts. Final settings are image dependent. A step by step Sharpening technique using the "Detail" panel sliders:
1. the "Amount" = how much sharpening will occur
2. the "Radius" = # of pixels LR looks beyond the edges it finds to apply sharpening
3. the "Detail" = how much detail within that radius LR looks to apply sharpening
4. the "Masking" = how much of the image to protect from sharpening:

... Read More

Last Updated: 2/25/10

Lightroom Exporting a Catalog(download PDF)
Bob D’s: "Export to a Catalog” [LR2]
Description: Workflow to create a separate Lightroom Catalog of selected photos for transport.
1. prepare for Export by clearing the"Quick Collection"
a) at the top left side of the Library module, highlight the "Quick Collection"
b) Rt-Mouse click and select "Clear Quick Collection"
2. locate the photos that you want to Export and place them in the "Quick Collection"
a) find the first photo, select it then press the "B" key - this places that photo in a "Quick Collection"
b) repeat this to add photos to the "Quick Collection" from various folders
(you can select multiple photos from the same folder before pressing "B")
3. when finished selecting all the photos you want - "Export" them to a new catalog:
a) highlight the "Quick Collection"
b) under the File Menu, select "Export as catalog..."
c) you will be prompted for a location to save the Catalog (desktop); a "catalog name" and exporting options:
Export Options: only check the "Export negative files" box then click "Save"
4. When Exporting is complete, copy the entire folder to a portable hard drive for transport.
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Lightroom Fine Develop your Raw Files in LRdownload [ALL]
Bob D’s: Jack Davis' "4-Step Tango" [Modified] [LR2] 2 General Workflow [PRIMER]
Description: Fine tuning your images in Lightroom's Develop module using Jack Davis' "4-step Tango" approach. The sound step by step methodology of Developing your Raw images is explained and embellished... Read More
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