Advance Digital Image Enhancement Method
"Acquired knowledge in not obsolete...
when applied to new technologies.
- Bob DiNatale

These Activities are not design to cover all the aspects of Photoshop but to utilize the tools that build on the acquired knowledge of a photographer. then transfer them to enhance the digital image.

The are many ways to do the same function in Photoshop. These activities are design to address Photoshop's photographic functions allowing the most flexibility to enhance the digital image. The activities will use several way to perform the same action with the final way being my preference. The choice of how to use a tool is yours, the intent of these activities are to help you understand the tools using photographic concepts and apply the A.D.I.E.M.* in the digital darkroom.
*In the spirit of the zone system, the Advanced Digital Image Enhancement Method [A.D.I.E.M.] is a step by step Photoshop method for total control of the photographic digital image.
- "Menu" indicated using the top menus in Photoshop:
  ">" indicates a sub menu off the main menu.
- [ ] indicates keyboard strokes to perform "shortcut"
Layers Selections "The Method" "Blend Modes" "Collage"

Recommended and referenced reading: Studio Techniques by Ben Wilmore
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