Digital Photography Made Easy... Really!

Taking photos with your digital camera should be easy…

“Yes, but what about all those menus on my digital camera!
…and how do I fix, print, email and share my digital photos?”

Learn Camera menus <> Need-to-know PC tips <> Organize and Find Photos

...Learn the few important menu choices on your digital camera that affect the quality of your picture.  While you're at it, learn a few easy tips to take better pictures… and a way to help you organize your files on your computer.

<<< And when you know how to use your camera >>>

...Learn how to enhance digital photos easily… Really!

Ø      adjust color, contrast and brightness

Ø      lighten or darkened all or part of your photo

Ø      crop, straighten and rotate images

Ø      change unwanted color cast, sharpen photos, make B&W, selective soft-focus

Ø      where on your computer to locate your photos and how to organize them easily!

…and much more! All without changing your original camera photos!

<<< And now that you know how to find and fix your digital photos >>>

...Learn all the ways to easily share and show them… Really!

Ø      make prints at home and/or use an on-line photo service, email them easily,
     create a slideshow or a gift CD to send to family & friends.

<<< ...Now that you know what you will learn, is how to sign up >>>

Dates: Evenings... for more info, please email Bob
Times: 6:30 to 8:30pm - (3 classes)
Cost: $100
Location: My Studio... 11 Salem St, Room 14, Medford, MA. Click map for directions
Sign-up: Call 781-219-3831   - or - click PayPal button below
Last Updated: 8/15/08