Digital Photo Essentials

The 6 hour course will provide an overview of the fundamentals of digital photography. It begins with a review of the digital camera settings and digital file formats and concludes with tips about image editing, file storage and image output. This session will provide a good foundation on which to build your knowledge of the digital workflow.

Who Should Attend:
The digital camera owner interested in gaining an understanding the basics of digital photography and a practical workflow. Material covered is applicable to all digital camera types and computing operating systems.

Some of topics covered:
· Overview of Digital Basics
· Digital File Formats
· Optimal computer settings
· Digital camera settings and tips
· Storing Images off of Computer
· The Digital "Light Box" - transferring files to PC
· Image editing & Photo Database considerations
· Basic digital photo editing
· Processing photos for e-mail and the web
· Printer considerations for digital image output

Course Structure: Limited to 86 Hours: 1 Saturday, 2 evenings, 1 Weekday
Lecture environment with demo and multimedia presentation.
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Fee: $195