Digital Printing Color Management
This hands-on 2 day workshop will provide students with an advanced understanding of digital printing color management.The basics of color models, color space and tagged files will be reviewed. There will be a demonstration of Monitor Profiling along with an explanation of its relationship to Digital Color Printing . Basic and advanced Photoshop color management settings will be taught with optimal settings described. Monaco* printer profiling software installation/setup review will provide students with the assistance needed to create custom color profiles for their own printing equipment. Students will be provided with print resolution and printer color management test protocols in order to evaluate the effects of printer settings on color management.
* Monaco EZcolor 2.0 software and Luminous CIS available to members at special pricing.

Who Should Attend?
The sophisticated user of digital printing software and hardware. Students should have a good working knowledge of computer file management (copy, moving and printing) and hardware/software settings.

Some of topics covered:
- Color Models
- Color Space
- Tagged/Embedded Files
- Advanced Photoshop Color Management
- Levels/Curves
- Monaco Profiling Software
- Use Continuos Ink Systems
- Assigning vs. Converting Profiles
- Discuss Soft Proofing
- Print Test Protocols
Course Structure: Limited to 5 (2 minimum)12 Hours: 1 weekend; 2 Saturdays; 4 evenings
Classroom environment with 5 PC workstations. Some of the software & hardware to be used and discussed: Adobe Photoshop; Monaco EZColor2, Luminos Continuos Ink Systems
Course Schedule... Click Button to Enroll (or call 617-852-9380)
Fee: $395

Spring 2006
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Course Times:
[Day] 9:30AM to 4:30PM-[AM] 9:30AM to 12:30PM-[PM] 1:30 to 4:30-[Night] 6:30 to 9:30
Medford Studio