Photoshop for Photographers ©
Bob DiNatale
Photoshop "PC" Keyboard Shortcuts:
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Macintosh keystrokes Click here
  [Ctrl+Z] toggles undo / redo last action
[Ctrl+backspace] fills selected area Background color
[Alt+backspace] fills selected area Foreground color
[Dbl. click + Zoom tool] resets magnification at 100% (which all filter effects should be evaluated)
[Drag Zoom tool] to create a bounding box, zooms image to area of bounding box
[Ctrl+F] repeats last filter used

Mouse Click outside the current selection clears selection
Mouse Down inside the current allows the selection to be moved
[Ctrl+D] deselect current selection
[Ctrl+H] hides marching ants… be careful to un-hide or you’ll think your crazy
[Shift] while using the Rectangle and Elliptical Marquees will select a square of circle respectively.
Hold down "Spacebar" while selecting with Marquee tools allows the selection to be moved
[Ctrl+click layer thumbnail] selects layer shape
[Shift+Ctrl+I] inverts selection area
[Ctrl+"+"] or [Ctrl+"-"] while using the Lasso tools, zooms the image in and out

  [Ctrl+J] creates new layer containing selection area (more efficient than Copy and Paste)
[Alt+click-layer eyeball]
toggles just one or all layers
[Ctrl+click-new layer icon] creates adjustment layer
[Ctrl+E] merges linked layers
[Shift+Ctrl+E] merges visible layers
Grouping Layers:

[Ctrl+G] groups with previous layer
[Shift+Ctrl+G] ungroups active layer(s) from previous layer
[Alt+click-layer line] groups / ungroups with layer(s)

  "q" toggles Quick Mask
"x" toggles foreground and background colors
[Click+mask icon] (necklace) creates Layer mask of selection
[Ctrl+I] inverts mask (or image) depending on Icon to the left of thumbnail
"[" (left bracket)
next smaller brush; Shift+[ smallest brush
"]" (right bracket) next larger brush; Shift+] largest brush
  [Dbl. click "Zoom tool"] resets magnification at 100% (which all filter effects should be evaluated)
[Dbl. click "any tool"] with display Tool Option Palette
[Alt+click "any tool"] will cycle through tool options
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