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Essential Photoshop Tools for Photographers
Saturday January 25th 2013 Belmont MA
Class Webinar: [Click Here]* July 12th, 20127:00PM EST
o Open-mic live discussion and computer sharing to address any remaining questions.
Class Dropbox Folder...where you will find:
White Papers:
o Understanding Digital Raw Capture Bruce Fraser
o OTHER Class Related files
* you will have to send Bob your email for him to link you to class "Dropbox" folder
Workshop Links of Interest:


Bob D's Links:
Digital Photography's Best Practices[]
Photoshop Forums:
o Luminous Landscape Photoshop Forum [Click Here]
o Adobe Photoshop Forum [Click Here]
Photoshop Video Training Tutorial:
o Selections [Click Here]
o Refine Mask (CS5 & above)
o Quickly creating refined selections Quick Selection Tool & Refine Mask - Martin Evening
o Using improved selecting and masking - Jan Kabili
o Precisely selecting portraits - Deke McClelland
o Masking Basics in Photoshop CS5 - Russell Brown
Adobe Newsletters, Blogs and Sites:
o Adobe TV Photoshop
o Photoshop News
o Google "Photoshop CS6 Video Tutorials"
Plug-in Software:
Nik [Click Here]

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