Adobe Lightroom Seminar
Adobe Lightroom Workflow
in conjunction with Digital Silver Imaging
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Bob D's Lightroom 2
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Bob D's Lightroom 2
Lightroom Preferences
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Bob D's Lightroom 2 Workflows
o Basic WF: Import; Edit & Organize; Develop; "Export"
o "Best Practice" WF: Optimizing your digital images: Develop; Sharpening
o Keywords,Captions, Synonyms, "nested" Keyword Lists
o Define & Save then Apply on Import
o Create Camera Profile Using Xrite's ColorChecker Passport
o Moving Lightroom Catalog & Digital Photos from Default Location
Bob D's Lightroom 2 General Considerations
o File Organization & Naming, Photo & Catalog Backup; Saving LR metadata;
DNG vs. XMP; Hardware Configurations [Overview]
o Hardware Configurations 1/2/3 Hard Drive Systems [Detailed]; Best location for LR Program, Catalog, Previews & Backups; Digital Photos & Docs & More
o Choosing a File Management Software; What to copy/delete from Source and Target drives; Replacing Failed Hard drives
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Lightroom Links of Interest:

Newsletters and Blogs:
o Adobe TV Lightroom
o Matt Kloskowski
o LR for Digital Photographers
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o Lightroom News
o John Nack on Adobe
Book: Photoshop Lightroom 2 For Dummies / Rob Sylvan
Google: "Lightroom 2 Video Tutorials"
Bob D's Lightroom Tutorials:
o Using Lightroom's Adjustment Brush[Click Here]
o Dualing Graduated Filter [Click Here]
o Printing Color Backgrounds in LR[More Posts]

Other Links Mentioned at Workshop:

- Videos:
o The Luminous Landscape Guide to Adobe Lightroom 2 Schewe & Reichmann [$35 download]
o Nik Silver Efex Pro - Smart Filter [2:32]
o Nik Silver Efex Pro - U Point Control Points for Selective Tonal Control Filter [2:26]
o Nik Silver Efex Pro - Lightroom User Interface [5:26]
o X-rite ColorChecker Passport - Seth Resnick's Video
- Plug-ins:
o Jeffrey’s Lightroom Goodies (Plugins and Tools) for Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Enfuse & more
o Adobe Lightroom Plug-in Exchange latest Presets and Plug-ins for Lightroom
- Back-up Software for Your Photos
o Retrospect by EMC Win/Mac
o SynchroMagic Windows

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