Bob DiNatale
Adobe Certified Expert
Photoshop Lightroom

Photographer, producer and consultant for corporate digital
media programs, Bob also conducts workshops, lectures and private instruction in the area of digital photography.

Beginning serious photography in 1965, Bob explored conventional darkroom techniques in both B&W and color. His work at Polaroid R&D in silver emulsions along with his US patent in color printing give Bob a broad base in film photography. He presented his first digital media production in 1984, founded the Olympus School of Digital Photography in 1998 and continues to work at the leading edge of digital technology. As digital photography advances, Bob blends his unique background of film photography with his extensive experience in the digital world.

Other items of note:

Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop Lightroom
| X-Rite Coloratti [Click Here]
Assisted Tom & Ruth Knoll Workshop introducing Lightroom at Photoshop World/Boston 2007
Founder of the Olympus School of Digital Photography
US Patent in Color Printing [Pat.# 4,087,180]
Polaroid Corp. - Research and Development:Optical Sensitizing Dyes and Silver Emulsions
Nikon School of Photography
Time Life School of Photography
Multimedia Production - Boston University [School of Educational Media]
Intro to Multimedia Design - Univ. of Mass. [Graduate Program in Educational Technology]
Multi-Media Programming Design
Louisiana Exposition 1986
South Street Venture, NY 1985
Tsukuba Japan Worlds Fair 1984

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